Why is headshot photography important?

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Social media and online presence plays an important part today in the success of your businesses or career. Having professional headshots is the quickest way to make a great first impression and portray a professional image to your potential clients, to share our brand, and to show ‘the face behind the business’.

With a trained artistic eye for posing and directing in order to achieve the individual’s optimal look, I am able to help create the image you want for your brand or social media. Every individual is unique and and needs to be photographed a certain way based on their body and face shape, hair colour, gender, skin, and profession. Knowing the proper lighting, direction and posing to flatter each individual makes all the difference in the world between a standard shot and an amazing portrait. Another important thing to consider is the purpose of the headshot, depending on your profession or what the shot will be used for, we work together to bring your personality into your portrait. Showing your audience a little bit of you will help them make a connection and start a bond before they even meet you.