The second bundle of joy

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Congratulations to Sandeep & Balraj welcoming their second bundle of joy, Baby Jovan, brother to little Avani. Only a week old and oh-so-precious, it was hard to photograph him instead of picking him up for kisses. But with much self-restraint I continued to photograph this little guy, swaddled in blankets in a sunny and warm room.

Not far behind me was the ever-so-curious Avani, all-grown up and itching to jump on the very bed Baby Jovan was cozily snoozing on. While mom had the idea to keep Avani busy with a story book, I stole the happy dad away to take some father-son photos. Soon after it was time for mom and son photos, and finally some alone time with Avani, sitting pretty in her lilac dress. There were plenty more photographs with the proud Grandparents and Avani’s uncle and new aunt but shown below are some highlights. Enjoy!