The little red coat

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It was that time of the year, when leaves turn golden amber, winds get stronger and of course my favourite time in general, when I get to reunite with the newborns I’ve photographed. This time, it was the precious little Avani who was celebrating her first birthday. In her adorable little red coat and a mischievous smile, she was quite the people pleaser and attracted the “oohs and aahs” of many onlookers at the park, while she was being photographed. I don’t think she noticed the attention as she was more curious about her surroundings and bravely explored the fallen leaves and chased tail-wagging dogs being walked nearby.

My favourite shot by far was her walking with her proud parents, she was only too happy to walk faster using their hands for support. Full of giggles and sneaky glances at the camera, it was as if she was beckoning me to catch her if I can, which I gladly obliged to. Towards the end of the shoot, I couldn’t wait to tackle her with some kisses and hugs *ahem* it was my way of applauding a job well done to the little model 🙂

Edit: Not long after, Avani was welcoming her little brother. I was more than happy to photograph her newborn brother, click here to see them.