Get more uses out of your business cards with these business tips

Get more out of your Business Cards than sharing contact information

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Business cards are one of the most important marketing tools for any business. It’s a quick way to share contact information to potential clients or existing customers. However thanks to the digital age and technology, business cards are often thrown away after it’s initial use or simply neglected in a pile of other business cards.

Here are some unique ways you can drive more use out of your Business Cards, whether it’s adding more value to them or adding other uses for it.

Unique ways to use business cards with Redeemable cards, offer freebies1) Redeemable cards: Add more value to your business cards than just contact details. You can implement a promotional offer on the back of your business card, that is exclusive to the recipient. Whether it’s a discount, a product sample or a freebie – the recipient can be enticed to contact you to redeem the offer and you can then up-sell or market your products/services to them.

2) Referrals with feedback: Word of mouth is still a powerful referral tool but even if a client is satisfied and happy they don’t always remember to refer your services. So what better way to boost referrals from clients by offering them your business cards that they can share with friends or family and on the back leave a space as part of your design where the cient can write down a few quick works about their own experience with your business. This adds a personal touch and makes it much more personal than just passing on a business card.

Unique ways to use business cards with Reference cards with ruler or measurements

Measurement Tool on back of Business Card (Source)

3) “Keep me” cards: Give people a reason to hold on to your card by printing something important on the back of it. This can be anything from a calendar, to a measurement tool or even important dates/schedule pertaining to your industry. The recipient may then hang on to your cards to use for reference, therefore increasing exposure to your business whenever used (this works similar to the calendar magnets you often see Real Estate agents use).

4) Network and exchange referrals: This may seem like an obvious tip but sometimes we forget the most obvious habit of them all. The habit of forming alliances with other businesses that complement the products and services you offer, is a smart way to network. You can provide other business owners a stack of your business cards to display at their store or to pass on to their clients that would benefit from your products and services. In exchange, you can do the same and offer their cards to your clients who you believe will benefit from their services. Some great examples of businesses that can complement and network well together: Personal Trainers networking with Nutritionists / Photographers networking with Makeup Artists / Writers networking with Graphic Designers.

The above are some out-of-the-box ways to extend the use of your business cards. However you should still always increase exposure to your business cards by including them with all of your correspondence to extend their reach. If you ship products, for example, include a card with every package. Send business cards with all your thank you notes and letters you send out; Include your contact information in your email signature as well.

If you have your own unique ways to extend the use of your business cards – please share them with me, I’d love to hear them!