Good branding is not just overall look and feel, but also the relevance. Is your brand capturing and resonating with your ideal target market?

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This package is designed for entrepreneurs who need the works. I work one-on-one with you to delve deep into the heart of your brand to reveal what makes you unique, how you want to be perceived and how to set you apart from everyone else, all the while still being true to yourself. Together, we’ll translate our findings into a cohesive brand and website that is not only beautiful, but effective and strategic.

Whether you run a startup or established business, branding is a vital part of conveying a polished and professional image to your clients. When done properly, it will help you close deals with your ideal clients – those that increase your sales and revenue.

Starting with a solid logo design and a set of brand identity guidelines, we continue to build out the rest of your brand identity including printed marketing collaterals and a responsive website that is viewable on any device. This ensures a strong, brand-consistent, customer experience every time someone interacts with your brand.

6 – 16 weeks *

Starting at $6,470 CDN
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