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Rachel Walton, a fitness model originally from Winnipeg, was one of my very first shoots and possibly my favourite during the early years of experimenting with photography. To this day I get compliments on my photo of her on the rock – and the irony is that it was a very cold day at the Scarborough Bluffs unlike what the picture might depict. Rachel was a trooper from afternoon to late night – baring the cold, braving the mosquitoes and walking straight in stilettos with a smile on her face. With a killer body and a gorgeous face – the camera seemed to love her.

We got pretty cool shots of her late in the evening as well when I was testing out different lighting techniques. It was fun working with Rachel and look forward to working with her again (which I did a few months later in a couple shoot of her and her fiance). Stay tuned for that post!

Photo Assistance: Everton R
Model: Rachel Walton
Location: Scarborough Bluffs