Hi! I’m Suvi, a Graphic Designer, Web Developer and Photographer who is based in Toronto, Canada. I help business owners and entrepreneurs create a brand that resonates with their mission and goals while standing out from the crowd.

I’m passionate about design and photography, and I continually strive to infuse that passion into the work I create.

My company was founded in 2006 however I started pursuing my passion full-time in 2012. I had worked as a marketing director for a few companies within Toronto to manage several brands underneath their corporation. During my years in the corporate world, I gained invaluable experience and insights into what makes a solid brand.

Now, as a business owner and entrepreneur myself, I understand the need for design to be more than just ‘pretty’… it has to be functional as well. Within every aspect of my work I strive to achieve this balance. I especially love helping entrepreneurs and startups to define their brand and pave the way for success in their field.

From a young age, I’ve been passionate about design and knew that I would eventually find a niche in the entrepreneurial world. My passion and experience to help fellow entrepreneurs extends far beyond the world of design. Often, first-time entrepreneurs will come to me in the early stages of business development, knowing that they just need a logo and website. We end up with so much more than that when the process is complete. I absolutely love helping others succeed, and my clients are no exception!

When I’m not in the office designing, you can find me photographing client headshots, newborns and family. My favourite photograph subject being my adorable mutt. I also enjoy spending time with my nephews & niece, finding an excuse to have sushi (+ friends + wine), or working behind the scenes on my blog and website.